Saturday, February 7, 2015

My nail care routine - January 2015

Every time, removing my nail polish is a well planed routine. In this routine I try to moisturize my nails as much as I can. Also it is important for me to keep my nails healthy and nourished!

That is actually all products I use! (The blue flower is just an accessory! :) )

Removing my nail polish and then just washing my hands with clear water is the first step.

Afterwards I like to use the German p2 - Nail Whitener. In fact just use your nail whitener, but don't forget to scan the contants.

I use oil to pull back my cuticles. Just take the one you have or buy a thing in a form of a pen (see on my photo).

After a couple of minutes I grab my Nail and Handcream with camomile! It will do wonders. Try to massage everything gentle in your skin.

If I want to change my nail form or just cut my nails, I do this after removing my nailpolish!

So after all, I try to wait as much as possible before applying nail polish again, so my nail can "breathe" some fresh air.


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