Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wishlist - January 2015

Wishlist - January 2015

Clinique chuppy stick intense | I have seen tons of reviews about his product and I think thant it is exacly what I want a lip product to be!

Vans | They are classy, chic and elegant. A must have! Sadly, I think they are not available here in Germany..

Accessorize watermelon iPhone case | How cool is that? So sweet and fresh. I love watermelons!

Accessorize shoulder strap bag | This bag has the idea of the new Chanel bag "Coco du lait" or something like that. I was so fascinated by this idea and now I found a bag even cuter than the Chanel one.

essie nailpolish | A must have! Both of the colours are so sweet!


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